What “13 Reasons Why” got absolutely right.

Lets get the disclosure out of the way, for those of you who haven't 'met' me here yet. I am not a suicidal teenage girl.  I am a fifty year old woman with decades of perspective on life and the fact that it does get better.  I'm a mom, and I think like one, and … Continue reading What “13 Reasons Why” got absolutely right.


Trigger Warning: Suicide

I've been tossing this idea around again, as I've been noticing the telltale signs of creeping depression.  Brief ones, yes.  Muted, yes.  But definite, like a little beckoning echo in the water that sneaks closer and closer on the wind.  Pretty soon, it will cocoon me again, like a cool fountain mist on a blistering day. I … Continue reading Trigger Warning: Suicide


We had a 3:00 am visit from the eleven year old overnight.  She had a dream that the car went off a bridge and she had to break the windows, cut the seat belts, swim her four year old brother to the surface.  When she came back for me, she cut me loose, and said, … Continue reading Well.


Want a case study? A previously well 46F, married, 4 children.  Self-identified Christian, never used birth control, involved at school, morning family meetings for bible study, homemade dinners 7 days a week.  Stay at home mom, of course.  (what else?)  Homeschool the 'extras' on the side.  Clean music, no tv for the kids, bible camp … Continue reading SIG E CAPS

What’s going on…..

Where to begin?  I can't be the only one who feels this way.  I know this because others do, in fact, commit suicide.  So there's lots of company out there.  Or was. Do I have a plan?  Yeah.  Lots of them.  11 blade in the backpack, secluded parking space in the woods.   CO in … Continue reading What’s going on…..